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chocolate :: wool cover

Image of chocolate :: wool cover


** size: Large. Will fit over an Aunty Em Diapers size medium or Large cloth diaper. Available with or without cotton elastic in the waist band. Please select the option you would like when checking out.

100 % certified-organic merino wool has been hand~knit into functional, charming, moisture resistant diaper covers. Each one is considered one-of-a-kind. Enjoy the benefits of wool with this pull-on style of cover. Because of the nature of the knit-stitch, these covers will fit snuggly with out stretching out too much over time.

They do require HAND WASHING, but once you learn how easy it can be, you'll love wool's natural urine-neutralizing benefits.

Pair one with an Organic Cotton diaper and you are set for happy and healthy diapering!

All hand~knit wool diaper covers come with special cleaning instructions and have been lanolized so they are ready for use.